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Policies & Procedures


Purpose & Scope
The Advancement Office communicates the mission and vision of Damien High School to alumni, parents, friends, and members of the larger community; provides meaningful opportunities for the greater Damien community to advance the school’s programs and facilities; and fosters a culture of philanthropy, which translates into financial support for Damien.  The Advancement Office is responsible for approving and coordinating the solicitation of all gifts, pledges, fundraising events and activities, donor stewardship and alumni relations for Damien High School.  This includes outreach to major donors, the annual alumni campaign, special events, planned giving, online giving and other fundraising efforts.  The following Campus Fundraising Policies and Procedures document is intended to provide helpful information to the generous faculty, staff, students, alumni parents and other volunteers who wish to assist Damien High School raise gifts and pledges as well as in-kind items from private individuals, foundations, businesses, corporations, and organizations.

Providing the outstanding educational experience Damien High School students receive requires funding beyond what tuition provides. As a nonprofit, Damien High School relies on charitable contributions and fundraising events to help support the school.   Our goal is to conduct all fundraising in a manner that supports Damien’s strategic, programmatic and capital needs, while following all federal, state and local laws and regulations as well as thanking and stewarding all of the generous individuals and organizations that support Damien High School.

Damien High School’s fundraising policies and procedures provide academic departments, athletic and academic teams, activities and clubs the opportunity to raise funds within a framework of fairness and fiscal responsibility.  This policy must be followed when faculty, parents, students and volunteers plan to raise money on behalf of the school or any of its affiliated programs.

Definition of Fundraising
Fundraising is defined as soliciting funds or gifts-in-kind (e.g. non-cash gifts such as computer equipment, sports equipment, supplies, etc.) for a charitable effort.  This includes approaching individuals to support a need, fundraising events, such as car washes and the sale of merchandise, where a percentage of the sale will benefit Damien High School.  Donation of special services, such as offering to paint a campus building at no charge, are also covered under this policy.  Although the donations of services are often not deductible as a federal income tax charitable item, Damien High School still maintains a desire to properly thank all those who wish to give back in this way. Community service, such as visiting a retirement community or family or student volunteer hours are not addressed in this policy.


All gifts and pledges that benefit Damien High School and its departments, student clubs, athletic and academic teams or groups will be recorded and processed though the Advancement Office. All fundraising activities that occur on the Damien High School campus, use the name of the school off-campus or are otherwise promoted to benefit Damien High School must be approved by the Advancement Office.  Approved activities may be posted on the school’s master calendar to help coordinate among various groups that are fundraising and to avoid conflicts.  All fundraising activities must not be in conflict with the mission of Damien High School or the teachings of the Catholic Church.  The Advancement Office will also work with each department, team, club or group to assure that all federal, state and local laws and regulations are followed.  

Each department, team, club or group may hold two fundraising activities or events per academic year.  Additional activities or events may be held after considering other department, team, club and group requests. Department, teams, clubs or groups who wish to hold a fundraising activity but would like guidance and ideas are welcome to make an appointment with the Director of Advancement.
Faculty, staff or team, groups or clubs who wish to pursue a grant must contact the Director of Advancement regarding the project they wish to fund.  Because of the time and detail necessary to complete grant applications, it is strongly recommended that you contact the Director at least nine months before the funding would be needed for the project.

1. At least 30 days prior to the activity, event or communication, an application for fundraising form will be submitted to the Director of Advancement.  The information will include:
  • Department, club or group spearheading the fundraising activity
  • Contact person from department, club or group spearheading the fundraising activity and contact information day of activity/event
  • Activities involving student groups will require the approval of the ASB Moderator and the ASB Executive Board
  • Description of fundraising activity (Include whether or not students will be involved and who will be supervising them)
  • Description of what the funds raised will be used for
  • Day(s) and date(s) of activity
  • How activity/event will be promoted and materials that will be distributed
  • Estimated expenses of activity/event, estimated revenue sources, estimated net income
  • Method of thanking supporters of activity/event
2.      Once the activity, event or communication is approved, the contact person will schedule a meeting with the Director of Advancement to discuss further details, such as receipting requirements for gifts, licensing requirements, the collection of sales tax, etc.
3.      Considerations for approval of fundraising activity/event include the timing of other events that have been approved, overlap with other approved organizations for desired potential donors, and the estimated risks of not covering the costs of the event/activity.  The Advancement Director will consult with the President and Principal as necessary.
4. After the activity, event or communication, the designated contact person will submit the following to the Advancement Office
  • Any funds raised, including gifts made by check, credit card and cash.  A list of gifts-in-kind with a detailed description (i.e. $50 gift card to Target, Tiffany 14 carat gold 18 inch necklace).  For security purposes, there is an exception for any cash amounts raised totaling $250 or more.  Those funds may be delivered directly to the Administration Office to the attention of the Financial Officer.  The Financial Officer will then coordinate the recording of the funds with the Advancement Office.
  • Final accounting of expenses, revenue and net raised
  • Name and address of any donors requiring or requesting receipts, the amount and activity/event of their contribution.  Please note that the IRS requires nonprofits to issue receipts for any gifts above $250.  Damien High School wishes to thank ALL our donors to the extent possible.
  • Other individuals who wish to be added to our mailing, email list or would like to receive follow-up information on the fundraiser
  • Any observations to help future events/activities like the one held
  • After the fundraised dollars are spent, please send photos, description, etc. to the Advancement Office for stewardship communications.  We want to share the news of your success!
Acceptance, Recording, and Acknowledgement of Gifts
1.  It will be the responsibility of the Advancement Office to officially record and acknowledge receipt of all gifts and pledges to the Damien High School or any subdivision thereof, including cash, securities, trusts, bequests, insurance policies, real estate, and in-kind (non-cash) gifts.  Additional expressions of gratitude by faculty, staff, students, parents and volunteers are also welcome.  
2. All donations will be processed through the Advancement Office before being deposited in any Damien account.  The exception will be for cash amounts over $250, which may be brought directly to Administration Office to the attention of the Financial Officer.  The Financial Officer will then contact the Advancement Office to coordinate the recording
3. For in-kind gifts, the appropriate department, club, team or group will send an itemized list of items donated, name and address of donor to the Advancement Office, and a thank you note will be issued. No monetary value will be given to the items donated; per IRS regulations it is a responsibility of the donor to provide substantiation for their own tax purposes. Note: for in-kind gifts with an estimated value of more than $5,000, the donor will be responsible for obtaining a qualified appraisal and fill out IRS Form 8283.
4. A complete and accurate record of every donor to Damien High School will be maintained by the Advancement Office and will be kept strictly confidential.
5. Gifts may be refused or returned when the purpose (1) is inappropriate, offensive or not conducive to the best interest of the school, (2) is clearly a commercial endeavor, or (3) would obligate the school to undertake responsibilities, financial or otherwise, which it may not be capable of meeting for the period required by the terms of the gift.